Unicert Advanced

The UNICERT ADVANCED Certificate of Advanced IT Knowledge and Skills is yet another powerful qualification in every employee’s CV or for anyone seeking employment both in the private and the public sector. It is also a valuable tool for students, university students, and businessmen who wish to gain an insight into and a better command of the use of new technology applications.

Having a UNICERT ADVANCED certificate proves that the level of knowledge and skills include the advanced features of the Microsoft Office automation software, which increase production.

The certification exam covers the following subjects:

  • Word – Text Editing
  • Excel – Spreadsheets
  • Access Database
  • Power Point Presentations


The course is suitable for those who wish to include in their CVs a certificate that offers them a valuable qualification in today’s workplace. It is also suitable for company and corporation executives whose administrators have set advanced knowledge and skills standards and for those who wish to prove their high level skills in MS Office software.

Advanced Syllabus

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