Tutoring, Homework Help & Test Preparation for Primary School Students (Grades 2 – 6)

No more homework!
Provide your children with the free time they deserve!
Our Method:

Spacious classrooms for relaxing and pleasant schoolwork

Flexible hours according to the needs of the modern family

Environment monitored by experienced teachers

Possibility of extending the student’s stay

Lessons begin immediately after school

Personal computer assigned for each student

Daily 2-hour (+) course preparation
for the next day

Friendly & pleasant environment

Professional and experienced teachers

We operate throughout the year

Each student is supported on a one-on-one basis as well as in a group while using a personal computer provided by the centre.

  • Parents can be informed by mail on a daily basis about the student’s progress
  • Available to all students regardless of their level of knowledge
  • Available to primary school students – 2nd to 6th grade
  • Students can excel thanks to the quality of the EUROGNOSI GROUP

Students are the centre of attention

  • They study at their own pace
  • Emphasis is placed on critical thinking without having to “memorise/learn by heart”
  • They establish foundations and broaden their knowledge, something that prepares them for the next educational levels.
  • They become leaders in their classrooms and determine when and how they learn
  • They boost their self-confidence in all courses through daily self-assessment
  • They no longer have homework to worry about when they return home
  • The goal is to develop their personal skills through individual organisation in a teamwork environment
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