The Educational Method

Our educational method

Computer courses at our centres vary in order to teach a wide range of skills for the academic and vocational training of learners.

We offer the opportunity to train both with a teacher or using a digital platform and / or both at the same time.

Training with a teacher includes an appropriate age and level curriculum based on substantial knowledge and skills acquisition in computer use, and not just learning how to use different applications and acquiring a certification.

Obtaining an education using a digital platform is a form of asynchronous training that ensures students are constantly engaged through the specially designed interactive material. Each lesson is divided into specific modules and through self-assessment exercises, students can manage their progress.

Upon completion of the theoretical courses, students are given the opportunity to prepare properly for the examination through a simulation test and can review topics that have been difficult to understand. During all stages, students are offered their teacher’s assistance and guidance.


The role of our teachers

Our teachers are University graduates, meticulously selected, trained based on the up-to-date EuroLab® educational methods for both young and older students and are experts in recognized certifications in Greece. They monitor students’ progress, assist them in understanding practical exercises and contribute to the completion of a successful course of study with the acquisition of a degree.


Our partners

Through our years of expertise in the field of information technology we have been collaborating with leading companies in their field and with recognized Greek certification bodies.



Our customers


Some indicative customers enjoying privileges:

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