Teen Courses

EuroLab® teenage courses are the continuation of the children’s courses.

Children aged 12-16, who are now familiar with computers and already have previous experience in the pre-courses, focus on courses that will help them in their studies and professional path, in order to gain recognition from the public and private sectors, whose certificates never expire in accordance with Act no. 4283/2014 (Government Newspaper 189 A / 10/9/2014).

Under their teacher’s guidance and also with the use of the EuroLab LMS exclusive online platform, teenagers learn the following modules:

  • Computer and File Management (Windows & Folders) (Windows & Folders)
  • Text Editing (Word)
  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Internet Services (Outlook & Internet)
  • Access databases
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Upon completion of the theoretical courses, students are given the opportunity to prepare properly for the examination through a simulation test and can revise topics that have proven difficult to understand.

They may then choose to be examined either by the Unicert or the ECDLCertification Body.

They are also given the opportunity to extend their knowledge on specialized courses such as image editing, web editing, computer/technical knowledge, internet safety, designing in 2 or 3 dimensions, various programming languages ​​and many more.


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