Specialised Courses

Specialisation makes a difference!

EuroLab® IT lessons do not stop at basic and advanced skills but aim at vocational training with courses leading directly to the job market!

Design courses

Architectural and engineering design is done through computer aided design (CAD), and its certification is considered an internationally recognized qualification.

 CAD 2D has to do with the designing of a two-dimensional architectural and engineering design, converting it and quickly correcting it.

CAD 3D allows architects, designers and photorealistic experts to convey their ideas by converting a two-dimensional design into a three-dimensional, whether it is at an early stage or a final form.

The course is suitable for technical school students (architects, civil engineers, mechanics, urban developers, topographers, decorators, graphic designers, designers) and construction, architectural, engineering or technical companies’ executives.

Image Editing (Image Editing)

Το Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a software that can help create images for printing, the Internet, create videos and edit and enhance photographs. New processing, modification, designing and painting tools and capabilities, allow you to create three-dimensional (3D) representations for logos, artwork and animated graphics.

The course is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers as well as small entrepreneurs who want to create their own business information sheets.

Web Editing (Web Editing)

A business website is actually the company’s presence in the world wide web. It is a way for a company to promote its business and its corporate identity to thousands of new prospective clients and it is an investment for the future.

Adobe Dreamweaveris one of the most popular web development tools. It is a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) processor, which is actually the basic web page development language and it is particularly easy and friendly to use. Students have the opportunity to learn how to build a wide variety of websites starting from a simple site to an entire e-shop.

The course is suitable for those who want to start their career in web design or acquire specialised qualifications in web design & development.

Programming languages

Once programming was thought to be the most difficult thing a person could learn. But now it can be a hobby or it can steer someone towards an entirely new career!

Through learning the basic programming principles of a language (JAVA, VISUAL BASIC, C / C ++ etc) and being able to design and implement it, anyone can be guided to create a fully-featured programme.

The course is suitable for high school students and university students who need support in school and university courses, professionals who want to improve their site, and those who want to learn how to create an application or a game.


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