The EUROGNOSI-EUROLAB European Educational Group is today the largest Educational Organization for European Languages ​​and Informatics in Southeastern Europe. For many years EUROGNOSI has been the first choice of a foreign language and IT training organization for all Greeks.

Eurognosi Foreign Languages ​​Centers were founded in 1989 to provide high quality European Language Studies for all ages of their students. Today it is the 1st Power in Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics and the largest private education institution in Greece, Cyprus and Romania, with 350 Centers of Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics in operation and more than 60,000 students on average each year, thus making the best use of way the strategic agreements it has concluded with leading educational organizations worldwide.

EUROGNOSI is undoubtedly LEADER in the field of educational enterprises. It provides excellent educational services with programs ranging from 4 to 4 year olds to adults and specialized business programs, using the latest teaching methods combined with innovative technologies. In particular, it provides children’s programs, student programs, adult programs and special intensive courses for foreign language diplomas. For this reason, our name is one of the most recognizable brands in Greece and not just a synonym for quality and effective language learning and IT.

Thousands of graduates and active, delighted students keep the vision alive and are the driving force behind the evolving evolution of EUROGNOSI and new conquests in the field of foreign language education. Come to one of the EUROGΝOSI centers and enjoy a truly unique Learn® learning experience that only EUROGROSI can provide you with!

Group with Vision

Academic excellence to our students through innovation, system, profitable network and strong brand.

Our vision is to become the world leader in the field of foreign language education, supporting today a total of 350 companies that marry the social work of education and absolute entrepreneurship with a focus on quality and clear organizational structures.

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