The MSU-CELC and MSU-CELP examinations follow the same structure and are divided into sections completed within a specific time frame. These examinations are designed to evaluate all 4 language skills.

1st Module: Writing (25 credits)

Think about it—Write about it! A test of English writing ability (represents 80% of units in the unit, ie 20 out of 25 units)

The section of the report gives you the choice between two themes. You have 35 minutes to answer one of the two themes to the best of your abilities, by presenting your point of view. There is no specific word limit.

Grammar you can use! A test of English Grammar (represents 20% of units in the unit, ie 5 out of 25 units)

The module of the grammar consists of 40 multiple choice questions. Within 20 minutes, this section asks you to prove what you know on various aspects of the English grammar.

2nd Module: Understanding Oral Speech (25 points)

Listen to this! A test of English listening ability

The oral comprehension module lasts about 45 minutes and consists of three parts:
lively talks, more extensive conversations, and two lengthy dialogues. The extracts of the third part are heard twice.

Module 3: Understanding Writing (25 points)

Read about it! A test of English reading ability

You have 60 minutes to complete the comprehension comprehension module, which consists of 40 questions on 4 different text snippets.

Section 4: Production of Oral Speech (25 points)

Talk about it! A test of English speaking ability

In a 10-12 minute guided interview, candidates are asked to respond
you were in 6 different questions asking them to describe, tell and support their views on various topics. Two assessors assess the performance of the candidates in each of these six activities.

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