EUROGNOSI PEFKIS at Child’s Festival

From Friday 26.5. To Sunday 28.5th EUROGROSS Pefki participated for the 3rd consecutive year at the Children’s Festival of the Municipality of Lykovrisi Pefki.

We found ourselves in the Varvaressos Alley in Pefki with our pavilion in which the children were able to make face painting, they showed an important interest in Alf’s paintings, they were creatively engaged in painting mainly with paintings with Alf and at the same time informed parents about the Summer School and Luna Our Park Party, which will be held in 2 weeks, was shared by our newspaper and updated on the curriculum.

Children and parents were photographed as astronauts beside the ALF also on a cut out we had designed. On Saturday afternoon, students gave us a musical-dancing performance at the Festival’s stage. In addition to this performance, the teachers of Eurognosis of Pefki prepared a dance called “The Dance of the Rain” which we danced 3 times (2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday) at the request of the public and the municipality (for the rain to go away) . This particular dance was attended by all the children of the Festival with parents and followed the movements we and ALF showed. Saturday afternoon the scene climbed the second time we did over 70 children.

Two scholarships to families were also attended.






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