English for Special Purposes


Five Star Vocational English!

Welcome to the world of Vocational English, the specialised EUROGNOSI course that is appropriate for the modern working world and will definitely kick start your English.

Banking & Finance

An absolutely specialised course suitable for students who wish to advance professionally in the financial and banking sector. Specialised language and grammar are presented through authentic dialogues so that students can experience real – life situations.


This specific course consists of 4 levels and provides students with the possibility to develop their linguistic skills while living up to the expectations and requirements of the modern workplace.
Students can also practise for certificate-level exams.

Industry & Commerce

An ideal course for those who wish to develop their linguistic skills in a short period of time and as simply as possible. The goal is for those interested to be able to communicate as well as understand colloquial English within the world of commerce and industry.


This popular course about the tourist industry helps students become familiar with international tourist terminology but also the global language of hospitality. It is a very current and effective course, and it contributes to mastering a very accomplished resume.


Designed for students who wish to put into practice their English at a professional level and in relation to the engineering workplace. The course combines methodology with real-life practice and offers students the opportunity to develop their communication skills using the specific terminology.


30 hours of free exam preparation
Flexible morning, afternoon and evening classes

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