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KET for Schools

Every year, thousands of students take part in the Cambridge English: Key for Schools exams to demonstrate that they can use the written and spoken word of spoken English.

PET for Schools

Every year, thousands of students take part in the Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools exams to prove they can use English in the context of everyday life.

Cambridge English: First for Schools

Cambridge English: First for Schools is specifically tailored to students’ interests to enhance their interest in learning English. As it is based on familiar topics and situations, it gives students confidence to use their English and encourages them to pass examinations for top-level certificates. The certificate received by candidates who are successfully enrolled in the First for Schools exam is exactly the same as the First exam.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

The demand for high-level language skills in English is rising worldwide. Success in Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) shows that you can achieve high goals.

Why Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) gives you a competitive advantage:

It is recognized worldwide as a proof of high performance.
More than 6,000 educational institutions, businesses and government agencies around the world recognize Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) as a proof of high performance. A certificate that opens the way to endless opportunities.
It helps you to develop the language skills you need to succeed and can be used for applications for admission to universities and student visa applications in the UK and Australia.
It offers high-level English skills for academic and professional success. Preparing for Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) helps learners develop skills and make the most of their studies, work and stay in English-speaking countries.

Cambridge English: Proficiency

Cambridge English: Proficiency, also known as the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), is the highest certificate we provide. It proves that you have achieved an extremely high level in English.

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