What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel and was developed by Google. It allows software developers to compile code using the Java computer programming language. It is primarily created for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and it was further developed for televisions (Android TV) , for cars (Android Auto) , and for wrist watches (Android Wear), each with a specialized user interface. But Android is not the same on all devices (Samsung Android is different from LG Android, Sony Android or even Google Android).

Android Applications

Knowing the right way to program an Android app, can help us create different kinds of applications that can turn pleasure into profit. All it takes is an innovative idea, for example, an application to locate a taxi or applications to share photos.

Benefits – Advantages

The main advantage of an Android application development is that it’s pretty simple and easy to get started with. Unlike developing iOS-based applications where we need a Mac, Android can be created on any computer system. In addition, the educational material offered by Android is very structured and well designed.

Syllabus Unicert Android 2017

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