Adult Courses (40+)

You are never too old to start learning!

Η EuroLab® fully understands older people’s needs – ages 40, 50 and even 60 – to learn how to use a computer and navigate through the Internet, and supports Lifelong Learning.

The courses cater for people aged 40 and over who:

can’t use digital services with ease or at all, and help them get acquainted with the capabilities of a modern computer:

  • Using a computer desktop/laptop
  • Learning how to handle files
  • Simple text editing
  • Surfing the net
    • Browsing using a browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.)
    • Receiving and sending e-mails
    • Using Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Learning how to shop online (eshop, eBay, etc.)
    • Learning how to make online payments
    • Organizing Trips (finding flights-routes, ticket purchases, searching for and booking a room)
  • Using tablets
  • Using a mobile phone


Make life easier!


*Students can bring their own laptop, tablet and mobile phone for more effective results.

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